Saturday, March 13, 2010

misc saturday

My previous post was #800, wow!

Rain, yay! It's not snow, lol. We had our first taste of thunderstorms last evening. I love thunderstorms (when they are not severe.)

Counseling is going well, we ventured into a few difficult topics with no negative consequences. We can both see our progress and we both see the value in continuing. This is good!

This week at work was actually intense and stressful, the first time since I took the job in August. That's not too bad, eh? Small town politics, a couple of big companies treating me and my chamber of commerce like I just fell off the turnip truck. Whaddya gonna do? Grin and bear it and move on to the next issue "du jour."

I hit a meeting this week, it felt good not to be a part of the ridiculous drama that sober people tend to cause when they get off the beam. It also feels good not to be getting all pissed off about it as it occurs, realizing there's nothing I can or need to do about it... Yay Steps, prayer and HP!!

have an AWESOME day!


drybottomgirl said...

Glad your couseling went well. The politics of people, places, and things...nothing we can control! Have an awesome Saturday and it's on the fourth day of rain here! I'm jealous of your thunderstorm :)

The Turning Point said...

Progress, great! In the solution.
Ditto on the sunshine, great to have the sun in my eyes playing tennis tourney this weekend.
"Turnip truck",chuckle, my wife's favorite saying.

Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Nice to just smile and apply a little program to "civilians" trying to slip one over on us. Enjoy the Spring weather!

Sober Steve said...

Hey bro, I'm really struggling with the living on lifes terms, and accepting God's will, when it hurts so much.

Guess I just keep praying to do the next right thing!!!

Syd said...

Your meeting sounds like the group conscience from last week. It was a lot of drama and bad behavior. Unbelievable for Al-Anon. But it isn't my fight so I just listened.