Sunday, April 25, 2010

I sat last evening in my living room reading Frost, enjoying the sweet scent of fresh cut rain washed lilacs, listening to the steady wash of rain outdoors while a bluegrass concert played softly on the PBS station on TV. That was a magic moment indeed. I've only just begun reading Frost and one day I hope to be able to understand better what I am reading, lol.

Today we celebrate Ian's 1st Holy Communion at Mass. We'll have family, friends and Godparents at the house later for food and fellowship. It's an exciting day but I can't say I will be disappointed after all the fuss is over lol. I'm not a big "party" guy, not too into the whole family get together scene but it's a big day and important occasion for Ian. It'll be fun :-)

Ian gets to experience the Lord more fully today. I haven't taken a lot of time to try to make it make sense for him because this is one of those "mysteries of faith" we have in the Catholic Church. He knows Christ is present at mass in the consecrated bread and wine and he is taking that on faith from his mom and me, and the folks at church who have been preparing him for this day. 1st Holy Communion is the second Sacrament of the three Sacraments of Initiation into the Catholic Church. So, he'll be more fully welcomed into the Church and connected with Christ, who claimed him at Baptism. Ian finally gets to participate in the sacrifice of Christ at Mass in remembrance of Christ and so this is a big deal for us all!

At rehearsal yesterday, the kids all got to eat the unconsecrated host and drink the unconsecrated wine. Ian decided that the bread wasn't all that great but he really liked the wine. Hmmmm lol That's scary, lol!


drybottomgirl said...

Congratulations to Ian! What a special day for him. I can still remember my first communion. Last year our oldest child was confirmed. It's so neat to see what God, the church and religion means to them. They change, and have different view points as they get older but it's neat to see the "core" remain strong. God bless you all on this special day!

Syd said...

Frost is someone good to read with the scent of lilacs and the rain coming down.