Tuesday, May 11, 2010

daily reprieve, based on the maintenence of my spiritual condition

Board meetings, local politics, small town government... that's what it's all about this week again lol. This is what happens when you partner up with village government on a large-type project. This ought to be a learning experience, in fact it already has lol. I'm grateful for the principles AA has taught me. Today I can be tolerant, patient, kind, understanding and keep my emotions in check. Today I don't have to stoop to the level of others as they try to get their way. Today I can be honest and forthright without being rude and demanding. Today, thanks to you fine folks, the 12 Steps and to God, I can walk away at the end of everything with my head high feeling good about how the game was played, rather than obsessing over the outcome.

Ok, all that being said, I do really want to get my way. So, I may just find myself obsessing a little bit when all the dust settles if things don't turn out EXACTLY how I want them to lol. Hey, I did say this is a honest program, right?

I have to make time to lay stuff at God's feet, just He and I. I have stuff I need help with. I have decision and choices that aren't easy and that will affect my family so I had best call in the "big dog"for some guidance. Thankfully, my wife and I can now have meaningful dialogue (when we're both in good space, that is) about the decisions and choices facing us. We've got to find a way to get more cash coming in the door, plain and simple. And that will be up to me primarily as she has a very tough time handling people and stress. That's just how it is. So, it's plenty of research, information gathering, prayer, peace and mediation for me so we can make good deicisions together based on good info and sound emotional and spiritual conditions.

Today, thanks to AA I seek God's Will (sometimes I still just choose my own. But hey, at least I consulted lol)


drybottomgirl said...

Good post. This is a tough area. When I took the third step and gave my will over to my HP I didn't realize that this was an act I would do every day. It's amazing the tug of war that goes on. I give it to God, I take it back, I give it to God, I take it back....you are really in tune to your wife. Coming from another woman I have to say "Awesome"! Your HP will give you the solution to your needed extra income...he always takes care of us. Good luck with your project it sounds like it could prove challenging :)

Anonymous said...

What a grounding piece! Thanks for that. And my thoughts are with you and your wife.

Syd said...

It's amazing how things all come together one way or the other. Trust God and take some action. A good formula.

The Turning Point said...

As CEO in industry and later in A&D Treatment I had to remember what my short time and smart a** therapist shot back at me one day about my being fair (AA principles practiced here)in managing others and issues.
She laughed at me indicating I still had some work to do on my dealings with others and said.
"Yes, I know your type. You're nothing but a benevolent dictator."
She was right.
Progress not perfection.



Scott said...


I had to laugh at her assessment of your management style. I too am a self proclaimed benevolent dictator. I'm more benevolent than dictator than I used to be but somenoe still has to make the call, right?