Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmas, great grandmas and great, great grandmas out there! You all do so much for us, we can only repay you by giving back our love and devotion. Take it easy today, let your families wait on you and enjoy a beautiful Sunday! Hopefully we "non-moms" don't wait until mother's day to express our love and gratitude for you! I know I don't! (if I know what's good for me lol)

My wife and I are a part of the musical offering at Mass this morning she in the bell choir, I in the brass choir. I will even add a little extra today, with a rendition of Ave Maria in honour of the Blesses Virgin mother of God, Mary and for all the moms. It'll be very nice.

My mom is coming down this afternoon for a visit, my wife will head to her home group, the usual Sunday routine. We'll plant the new shrubs I got her for our anniversary (5 yrs = wood) and Mother's Day and enjoy a quiet peaceful supper together later on. Right now, she's trying to herd Ian into his church clothes so we can get over there.

Moms, enjoy your day today and God Bless!

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Syd said...

Nice message. I had to smile at 5 years being wood. Sorry...just my mind in the gutter. Hope that the day was a good one for all.