Wednesday, May 05, 2010


The Cubs won their first game and I didn't make any major blunders coaching first base! (that last part is a miracle, thanks HP!) The boys had fun, they all did well, including Ian who caught three innings (for the first time) and scored a couple runs. The weather was perfect and we learned some things... it was good stuff!

It's time to start packing our chamber of commerce office, consolidating stuff, throwing old crap away (the previous ED was a real "saver" of stuff). We're going to be moving into the newly constructed "replica" of an old Lock Tender's house, right beside the canal that runs through the center of town. It's going to be a really great place for us to do our business and it will serve as sort of am historic gateway into the area and into the three small communities served by our chamber. But, there's still the part about moving and I hate moving lol.

Life is life today... We'll make a brief assessment of Scott's stuff, starting with the challenges:

Money is a big bummer these days but I am trying to make some things happen that will eventually improve that, more in another post. I'd like to be less overweight than I am but I struggle with my love of all things bad for me and my lack of commitment to consistent exercise. So, that's the less than desirable stuff on my plate these days. My lack of committment to a quiet, daily extended period of conscious contact with HP, prayer is still brief and fleeting and I am cheating myself out of a better spiritual life.

On the more positive side of the ledger are:

My awareness of the difficult issues and the knowledge that I must work at them, while accepting them

Counseling on a regular basis has helped (saved?) my marriage and has greatly improved things between us. We've got more work to do but we're doing it a day at a time. Friday is our five year wedding anniversary and Saturday is the 11th anniversary of our first date.

Ian and I are tight, and are enjoying a strong relationship as he gets older.

Kayla (my "sorta daughter") and I are getting to know one another and have settled into a comfy routine of texts and the occasional brief call. (my wife still struggles mightily with all of this for reasons I cannot really understand, so it's something I don't parade out in front of her with)

I love my career and am having some decent successes. It's a career I am good at, have a passion for and doesn't cause nearly the level of gut-wrenching stress the bank job caused. Now, if only it paid better lol.

I'm walking/jogging in a 5K this weekend to raise funds for a new project I am helping with in one of the service clubs I belong to. Our efforts will change the lives of special needs kids and their families. Hopefully the pledges will roll in and we'll rasie some good bucks! (and it's fitness and family, what's not to love? Ian and my wife are joining me in the walk.)

We still have cash reserves in investments to keep the lights on.

I'm playing Ave Maria at Mass during the Communion meditation Sunday for Mother's Day. With any luck, there will not be a dry seat left in the place God and I are done :-)

So, there's my current stuff lol. I guess this turned out to be a bit of a "lightly done" 4th step. It's good to get some stuff out in front of us in an effort to stay real and keep our mental filters from turning the turth about ourselves into some twisted, perverted fantasy stuff that causes problems down the road. Yeah, I have one of those filters upstairs too!

Peace be with you all!


drybottomgirl said...

Even your not so "desirable" stuff sounds pretty good. A move is good, it gives us new perspective. Glad you and the wife are taking it one day at a time, same for my husband and I, we will be married for 17 years in October, and very likely AA helped save my marriage. Love the fact that you and your son are close, he's at a precious age, so all in all Your life is good! happy for you.....

Anonymous said...

Pretty darn good is that would qualify as a 4th Step! Glad things are going so well. From one who doesn't get to celebrate a lot of their wins--Go Cubs!!