Monday, May 03, 2010

season openers!! 3 games this week!

I took Ian fishing all day Saturday and we had a really great time. We caught a bunch of bluegill and a couple catfish but man, he had a ball. We fished a local lake, the largest lake in Ohio that isn't one of the great lakes, actually. (trying not to show up on any searches lol) But the wind was strong so we moved to a nice large pond and that's where we found all the bluegills. He had been after me to take him fishing and I finally bought my license this past week so off we went. It was supposed to rain a ton this weekend but most of it missed us so it worked out great.

My 1st/2nd grade baseball team (coach pitch/tee ball) had our first practice last nite and that was a blast. These guys are lots of fun. Everyone bats, everyone plays the field, no score no strikes, etc. We worked some basics then played a "game" so they could get the flow of how it will go tonite. They all did realy well and had a blast!

The 3rd and 4th grade team Ian got picked to play on has our first two games this week as well. This league is where the kids pitch, there's balls/strikes, outs, etc. We've come a long way in our month of rpactices, we've got a ways to go as far as "grooving in" the fundamentals. But, the boys are learning, improving and having fun. I love baseball season!

(especially when my Reds sweep dAAve's Astros in their ballpark!!)

I will hit the noon meeting today in an effort to stay "on the beam" and in balance. I've been praying more but haven't really done anything toward making time daily for absolute quiet and meditation. That's been a tough one for me to get in the habit of, over the years. It happens, but inconsistently. I know there's benefits to a closer, more connection with HP but who wants to put forth that kind of effort? (lol, just being honest here!) It'll happen.

Anyhow, y'all have an awesome Monday! We're getting ready to move our chamber of commerce office to a brand new building and it's going to be a great place to go to work each day. But, it'll be a bunch oof work, moving our entire operation, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

I miss fishing in Ohio . . . throwing the little bluegill back in when you hook them by accident . . . Sounds like a fun time!

The Turning Point said...

Sounds like you had a ton of "conscious contact..." playing, fishing and just being part of your boys life.
Know the feeling. Last year I spent a whole day at baseball "camp" put on by Vanderbuilt BB team with my 8 y/o ggs. A touch of heaven.
Happy to have brought a smile to your face this am, you did more so for me..

drybottomgirl said...

I love how busy you are! You have such enthusiasm for life, for your son, for baseball. A busy life is a happy one. It is so hard at times to make a little quality time for HP. I do a devotion book called The Message Remix:SOLO. It focuses on the ancient form of Lectio Divina. Each day you focus on a bible passage and you read, think, pray and live. It's wonderful because there are so many things that cross over into recovery. It really has helped me to conect with my HP. Just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the coaching. It was always amazing to me just how quickly the kids made progress. Coaching my son's baseball team for several years was one of the neatest things that we did together. Enjoy!

Syd said...

Good for you on working with coaching youngsters. Good luck with the move to the new building. I'm sure it will be good.