Wednesday, May 19, 2010

take me out to the ball game?

Well, the Chamber event with the congressman went well Monday. We had a nice turn out and folks enjoyed themselves. I'm glad to have that one behind me!

Yesterday, even with all the rain lately, the golf outing went off without a hitch, that was a damp affair, but we had fun. It was an outing for another chamber of commerce nearby. I took copious notes as we are preparing to hold our golf outing in two months, lol. There's just no need to reinvent the wheel after all.

Drama seems to be seeking me out these days lol. The fellow (Al) who runs the summer rec baseball program in town dropped by my office the other day for a "confidential conversation" about the coach of our 3-4th grade team. Evidently there have been some comments, "not quite complaints" have been made about our coach, and his intensity and gruffness. So Al asked me if I would take over coaching the team, as he feels that coach is better suited to the 8th grade team he coaches. He told coach that the high school baseball coaches want him to focus on his 8th grade team and let me run the 3-4th graders. This "story" will hopefully avoid any kind of burn up with coach. I agreed to take over the team as long as he didn't pit me against coach, I like the guy and he's got us playing good ball. He is very intense but he's been decent with the boys. He just wants the boys to play the game right and to be safe. Nothing I have seen or heard has been over any lines. Now that the other coaches know, I am getting questions about what happened, how do I like coaching with him, have there been issues, etc. I haven't talked with coach yet, I will call him tonight and see where things stand. I want him to know that this came out of left field for me as well. I am just afraid now that when I take over, I'll be subject to second guessing and judgement from the guy bcause he is rather intolerant of mistakes and failure. The thing is, he is 10 times the coach I will ever be, from a fundamentals/rules perspective. I think I do pretty well with the boys though so, I guess we'll see how it goes.

I really didn't need the drama, I can tell you that lol. I'll be keeping my mouth shut and playing dumb lol. Suffice it to say, I am nervous about our game tomorrow against the other undefeated team in the league lol. This is my third year coaching, but the first time coaching at the level where kids pitch and there's balls, strikes, runs and outs lol. It will be interesting and I'll be praying :)


Syd said...

It seems a bit deceptive as to what Al did. I don't like for people to go behind my back. If they have a problem, they need to be straight and honest. JMO.

drybottomgirl said...'s funny as practicing alcoholics we thrived on caos, but once you sober up it no longer appeals to us. Good luck coaching and I hope there's a win in store for you tonight!