Thursday, May 20, 2010

farm day!

Another sober morning :-) I'll bet my brother, his new wife and all their friends weren't seeing things this way on Sunday morning, lol. I'm so grateful not to be on that merry-go-round any longer.

Today is a day where I can show some growth. I've got an opportunity this afternoon to be the guy in charge, the "new head coach" lol. I know it doesn't sound like much, coaching 3rd and 4th graders in baseball but to me it's a bit nerve wracking. I barely know some of the basic fundamentals of baseball at this level. I think what's going to help is that I'll have a few assistant coaches, other dads that come help out. So, I will lean on them. I called the coach last night and left a message to call me so we can talk and sort things out prior to seeing the boys. So far, no call. I guess we'll see what happens this afternoon. No rain in sight so, play ball!

Today is the final touring day of our county-wide leadership class. The three chambers of commerce in our county run a class where once a month we tour various places, facilities, businesses across the county in an effort to make connections and learn more about our county. This month is agriculture. We'll tour a large dairy farm, a popcorn and grain farm, visit the county extension office, hit a large fertilizer plant and an egg farm. Last month it was History and Tourism, we've done Health and Human Services, Industry/Economy, Local Government, Media and Communications, Education and Safety/Justice. The class has 14 people in it, and it's nice as everyone gets to know each other and grow close during the year. People make great connections and strengthen their network and knowledge. Come to find out, we live in a great little county here in west central Ohio.

Today, I don't have to be a part of other people's drama. I have a role to play, a job to do and with the help of HP I can focus on those things and be at peace. AA has taught me that I am responsible for my own moods, my actions, what I say and do. Today, no matter what's going on around me, I will be at peace and remain connected to HP. With any luck I may even have a peaceful effect on those around me, if my spiritual ducks are in a row.

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Syd said...

Good luck with it. It sounds like a challenge to coach those kids. I don't like drama much.