Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Well, this seems to be the "big week" around the Chamber of Commerce. We'll officially move our operations into the new building on Friday and Saturday. In the mean time, I will continue to pack and organize, and move "Kia-loads" over there from our current office. The physical move isn't far, just around the corner but wow, we have got a lot of stuff to move lol. So far, everything has gone well but, I'll be glad when we're done! I'm not freaking out, but I am a bit on edge. Limbo, disarray and uncertainty do that to me.

I took some time yesterday morning to go off by myself and fish for a few hours early. It was nice to just go focus on fishing and not think about all the stuff that's going on. I gave my mind a break and focused on the beautiful lake, the perfect breezy morning and the 7 large channel catfish I managed to coax onto my hook. It was nice, peaceful, relaxing and I hope to continue to do this as a part of my "homework" from our counselor; to take more time to slow down and get quiet.

After tidying up the garage and getting the yard work done this weekend, I had time to finally give Cosmo her haircut and bath. Baseball was cancelled due to heavy rains (the same ones that drew my fishing trip to a close), the fields were a mess. So, I grabbed the scissors and clippers and shaped her up. She looks like a Jack Russell again and smells much better too lol.

I feel like I want to actually write something, as opposed to just the usual "what's up with Scott." I just don't know what. It's as if I have this pithy, profound piece rattling around in my mind somewhere but I just can't track it down long enough to get it out of there. Of course, it may only be profound to me lol and pithy... who says pithy anymore? I suppose it'll pop out when ready.


Enchanted Oak said...

You have a lot going on, numerous irons in the fire! I caught up on your previous posts. Thank God for fishing. Chaos and conflict are difficult for me too. My sponsor reminds me to breathe and pray only for God's will for ME and the power to carry that out.
Best wishes!

drybottomgirl said...

Glad to see you rolling along with all the changes that are happening in your life. I don't do well with a lot of caos in moving myself, and as for the profound piece, I can't wait to read it!

Mary Christine said...

I have post-it notes near my computer to jot down ideas when I have them. Too many times I have the ideas when I have no time to write. When I have time to write, I have no ideas. Then I can look down at the notes.

Syd said...

It's okay. Some days are just reports and others are inspirations. It's all good.