Thursday, July 08, 2010

coming full circle

The dance band I play in has our first concert of the summer season Sunday so we had rehearsal tonight. I have missed playing alot in the band, we just haven't been busy with gigs this year. it felt good to play again, especially the old standards like Satin Doll, String of Pearls, Danny Boy, In the Mood, I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You, Sentimental Journey and Stardust. I love playing big band tunes :-)

I love that God gave me the gift of music and I am relieved that I finally got well enough and healed enough to share it again. I went for a looong time in recovery without playing or teaching, because I felt so guilty about having thrown away my performing and teaching career with drug addiction and alcoholism. It was a long time before I could/would bring myself to play again. I've been playing again for about 5 years, and doing a little teaching as well. For the first time since before I got sober, I actually have a contract to teach band at a public school. Marching Band rehearsals begin next Tuesday evening and I am pretty excited, and also a little nervous. I've done some work at the high school here with the bands but never "officially" as a staff person, under contract and all that jazz...

Next week is sort of a "full circle" week for me, a watershed moment in my recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Giving back the gift of music you were given - that's awesome.

Syd said...

Music is a great thing and I'm sure that you will be good at being a teacher.