Tuesday, July 06, 2010

you can always go back home

I had occasion tonight to visit my old home group meeting with my sponsor. It's the first time I'd been back there in nearly a year and a half. I'd left that meeting 6 yrs ago to start the men's group I most recently belonged to and I was happy to see many familiar faces still there carrying the message. Tonite was a Big Book study and we read "AA Number 3" (pg 183 4th edition). To me that story is truly the essence of exactly how AA works. It illustrates so well the miracle of one drunk (in this case two) telling his story to another to save himself. The third person gets it, relates, surrenders and is healed. No thrills, no chills, no spills, no frills. Just simple surrender, acceptance and humility. No fancy meetings, online chat forums, blogs. No nonsense, just simple and pure recovery.

It felt good to be "home" again among "soul-mates" in recovery. I've missed that feeling. Things in the meetings I've been going to have gotten a bit distant and "personality-based," for lack of a better word. Tonight was about the miracle of recovery, not about anyone's bullshit. Man, I needed that wake up call and reminder. I was beginning to sort of lose touch with that spark.

Thank you HP!

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Syd said...

That really sounds good. I have heard that the Big Book meetings are the best because mostly those who are serious about recovery go to those.