Monday, July 05, 2010

feelin' groovy

Happy 4th of July to you all, one day late! I would've posted sooner, but our Chamber of Commerce ran a pulled pork BBQ sandwich stand all weekend at a local festival. And of course, yours truly got to be the "emcee/announcer" all weekend. When will they learn not to give this guy a microphone and PA system? lol Actually, it was my first ever public announcing gig and it went pretty well. It was certainly lots of fun. I mean what could be more American than hosting a pie baking contest, watching lots of little league baseball, a great softball tournament, dodgeball tournament, food, cold drinks, live music and of course an awesome small town rural fireworks show. It was a couple 16 hr days, but it was fun!

I had to drag my rear outta bed real early and come into the office to do my bi-weekly 7:25 am radio report this morning, so I thought I might take a few minutes to say hey before I head back home and lay around like a bum the rest of the day lol. It's wonderful that I can run myself into the ground working all weekend, helping to put on a great little 4th of July celebration, run a sandwich stand and still be able to hit the ground running at 6:30 am after going to bed after 1am. I know, I 'm not all that special or anything, but the significance here is that back in the day, I'd have been demolished beyond recognition from drinking and drugging all weekend. There's certainly no way I'd have been helping anyone with anything that didn't involve getting me drunk and fed. And, working PR and networking all weekend would have been the farthest thing from my mind. And of course, it goes without saying that no one would've given me a microphone to make announcements and so forth, lol. My, how things have changed in my life!

I am so grateful to be able to go to a great little festival and have fun. I can be of service to others. I can do my job, work long hours with out bieng all pissed off, or drunk. If it weren't for AA, for God and the Church, the fellowship the Steps... If it weren't for all of that, I'd be face down in a pool of drool trying to pul myself together this morning (assuming I was still alive by now...)

So today, I feel a special sort of "tired gratitude." I'm grateful to be sober and healthy. I'm grateful for my family and friends, for AA and Church. I'm grateful to have a positive relationship with HP today. I'm grateful for bloggage and bloggers... I love my country and I am so grateful to our veterans, active military, police, fire EMS... all the folks who take care of us and keep us safe.

I'm feelin' good on the July 5th... (unlike many of the folks I saw last nite lol)


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Syd said...

Glad that you had a good time. It sounds like it was a great day. I'm glad that you are here.