Thursday, July 15, 2010

the good kind of tired!

Goodness, this week has gone fast already! I haven't been able to carve out any time to post, sorry.

Camping with Ian was great last weekend. We drove a couple hrs to a Boy Scout camp in NW Ohio, spent Saturday all day, all nite and came home Sunday morning. he shot BB guns, sling shots, swam a TON, we took a nice bike trail ride back into the woods down to the river. It was really a great time for us both.

Tuesday nite was the first band rehearsal, and man was it fun! I have really missed teaching. Working with the kids was great... we worked on the contest show music and marching fundamentals. This is going to be a great marching band season for sure! We're doing a "Super Heroes" show with themes from various super hero movies and TV shows like Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, Superman, the old Batman, the newer Batman, Underdog... It's a great show. The kids seem to dig it, the crowd will enjoy it as well. It feels good to be "home" again, out in front of a band, teaching.

I spent the day on the golf course today. We put on our Chamber of Commerce fundraiser annual golf outing. It was hot and humid but very successful! I sat out at one of the tees, selling chances to win money, schmoozing with the players and generally having a nice time. it made for a long day,e specially since i had band rehearsal to go to once the outing wrapped up. But tonight, its one of those "feels really good" tireds. I worked hard, had a fulfilling, successful day and it feels good to be tired. I just feels good to be... to be and to be sober.

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Syd said...

I am tired today too. I had a fun day on the water. And am just now catching up on your previous posts.