Sunday, July 25, 2010

off for some fun!

We're heading to Toledo today to visit my family, spend the night and take the boy and one of his cousins to Cedar Point tomorrow. My mom lives about 45 mins from there. It would be close to a three hr drive if we went from here. Needless to say, Ian is really excited, as Cedar Point is the biggest and best amusement park in the midwest. He's been to King's Island a couple times, but Cedar Point blows that place away in my opinion.

Yesterday was our annual fireman's picnic and this morning,t he Cub Scouts had to get up early and go pick up trash. That's part of our annual community service efforts. The boys were a little grumbly but they did it without too much complaining, lol. We finally got a nice rainfall last night, the first one in close to a month. It cooled things off and provided a good soaking. It was a good start, we need more lol

It will be nice to have a couple days off. We won't head for home until Tuesday morning. I can get a little break and spend some good quality family time, offering a bit of balance. It's going to be a busy Sept and October with football games/marching band, work and I am going to be taking weekend classes to get licensed to sell real estate. I gotta do it, because we've got to bring some more income into the household, plain and simple. So I am praying about all of this, getting right with HP, staying close to a sponsor. My wife is anxious for me to get licensed and get the real estate business going. She knows it's going to be an insane couple of months but she sees the potential. I pray we can get through this time. It's going to take an extra effort, that's for sure. Things have been difficult, but we are both well aware of what's riding on this. If we're open to Him and seeking His will, HP will show us what to do. This much I know for sure.


Anonymous said...

I remember Cedar Point! "Get to the Point!" was the slogan last time I heard a commercial . . . Good times :) And good luck on your real estate license!

Syd said...

Being realistic about what the business is about will help. I think going over the pros and cons is good.