Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The trip to Cedar Point was fun! The weather was perfect, everyone got along fairly well and we had a ball.

I'm in the process of putting together a plan for my life. The primary focus of the plan is on business and income. I know I need to have a focus on my marriage, as it is strained these days. But, I've been working at things since we began counseling in January and I am growing weary and a bit frazzled over our "on again/off again" progress. Right now, we need more money, plain and simple so my focus is shifting more towards my "business plan." That's not to say I will no longer put forth an effort in my marriage, but right now I am fairly comfused as to what I can do to be happy with my wife. I'm told that acceptance is the key but I've come to a place where I don't know how much more I am willing to accept. And, perhaps I am willing to accept a major change.

As most of my readers know, I run a chamber of commerce that serves three small rural communities. I love this job so much! It's small town America at it's very finest! But, it's just not paying the bills. So, I have picked up a 4 month side gig with the local high school marching band. That will provide $1000 bucks at the most, and will take up a good bit of time in the process. So, that may be a one year deal. I am trying to develop my writing, radio and announcing skills but there's not much money there either. So, I've decided to get my real estate license. With the flexibility I have in my current day job, I can easily sell real estate part-time. My years in the mortgage business have provided me with a wealth of excellent connections and experience. When you combine that with the network I've developed here with the chamber of commerce, I've got an excellent earning opportunity in front of me! In fact, the way things seem to be lining up, real estate will more than likely end up becoming my primary career over time.

The thing is, I will have to take real estate classes for 6 weekends in a row in Sept. and Oct. in order to test for my license and get started. So, an already bulging schedule will really be put to the test. The thing is, we HAVE to get more money coming in and my wife cannot do much outside our home to earn an income due to her anxiety/depression, whatever we're calling it. So, it's on me, which is fine... that's just how it is. I'm fairly excited about the prospect of developing a real estate career, and I've hooked up with an excellent broker who understands my schedule and is prepared to be very supportive (to the point where they are fronting the cash necessary for me to take my courses).

So, the groundwork is in place. I am praying that at last, this is the plan I am supposed to follow. If this turns out to be less than successful, I will certainly be disappointed. I'm finding the faith necessary to make this a go and I anticipate that I will be successful. But, I am somewhat torn and concerned about what's actually going to happen when I am gone from home 6-7 weekends in a row. Things are difficult enough with us already. She doesn't do well when I am gone, as she is a "quality time" kind of girl. She's giving me the green light and telling me she supports this plan 110% so I have to take her at her word. But, I don't have much faith that things will go smoothly, which is sad.


Mike Golch said...

Just remember when you are first trying to build your career it will test your will will be a lot of work.Trust me I was a realitor.

dAAve said...

My boss once told me ... "You can't change your plan until you have a plan."

Of course, in my case ... "You can't change your mind until you have one."

Carol said...

No, I don't think it will go 'smoothly' because it involves work and delayed gratification within a couple already feeling divided. I hope that it's worthwhile in all ways. I have to tell you that Cedar POint was an annual event in my young Ohio life, it's still my favorite but I'm biased.

Syd said...

I wish you the best of luck. Keep the communication going and things will work out. It is a tough time to get into real estate.