Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My stack of real estate books arrived, some 4 inches tall lol. I begin classes in mid-September. I think I might just begin reading now lol.

It is planning time for CCD already. I've added high school classes to my junior high classes, so each Wednesday I have two classes to teach. It looks like an interesting year, based on the topics I've got to teach: The life of Jesus in the Parables, Mysteries of Faith, The life of Jesus in His Miracles and the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel. I will be learning quite a lot, no doubt!

I have a good friend I've come to know as a result of working together on a project in our local Rotary Club. She's young, has a couple little girls and an ex-marine husband. She's lived an amazing life already and it's in jeopardy now due to some sort of liver problems. Please, please help me pray for her Those girls and her husband don't need to lose an awesome mom and wife!

"gratitude, my friend"

Fleeting, darting... where are you?
I know you're there, I've felt you, shared you, lost you so many a time before now.
Sometimes almost as soon as you envelop me, you're leaving for places unknown.
Other times, you've been there all along, unidentified to me, in my ignorance and glee.
At least now I can recognize and share you prior to departure,
and you stay so much longer.
I know I cannot simply ask, you come only as a result.
Gifts are like that and are meant to be shared.
That's why I'm here today to say how grateful I feel this day,
before you once again slip away.


Syd said...

I think that reading through real estate books would guarantee me to fall asleep. Hopefully, it will be fascinating. I'm sorry about your friend. I hope that things will be okay for her.

drybottomgirl said...

I will put your friend and her family in my "God Box". You're right, knowing how busy you are, you might want a head start on those real estate books :)

dAAve said...

Hey Scott. Just dropped by. Please don't send me ANY of those books. Kepp 'em up there.

Em said...

I was a real estate paralegal (here in SC you must have a lawyer for a RE closing). I hated the course in college, but loved the practice once I got into it.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

What Syd said.

Thank you for checking in on me too,Scott.

We will keep in touch more often.
I am back online ;)