Sunday, August 01, 2010

a quick weekend!

Well, the weekend is concluding, I got some stuff done I wanted to, the wife and I talked (not pretty at times) and all's as well as it is going to be. I think that about covers it lol on the weekend...

I finally figured out a schedule for my real estate licensing courses. I have to take four of them, for a total of 12 day-long classes. I managed to split them up so I won't lose 7 complete weekends in a row so that's good. I am nervous, probably projecting negatively but man this could put a strain on an already difficult situation at home. I'm gonna have to work hard and do my part not to be an ass, and all Mr Grumpy, tired, overreactive guy. The real estate markets here didn't take the beating they've taken elsewhere. Of course we never saw the ridiculous gains in value everyone else saw either. Business is slow, but it's improving and it's a great time to get into the biz.

Last evening, Saturday Mass was outdoors, for our annual parish picnic. Things were tense, I had difficulty getting into the whole thing, but it sure was pleasant to be outside. We neded up sitting there talking to folks until almost everyone had left. We talked awhile with Father, that was nice. This friend of ours we suspect has a drinking problem came round, kept repeating himself, seemed to have a nice "package on." I hope he's ok. He's an awesome dad, great husband but I think he's got issues.

Well, tomorrow is an early day so I oughtta get to bed... I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend :)


Carol said...

We had 'mass in the grass' last month and it was really nice, seemed so authentic to be out in the open just like Jesus used to be.

I hope that the real estate thing is really positive, you probably know more about it than you think. I always had a sneaky desire to sell houses, as a nurse I am pretty good at selling people on something, could be that I just use it in a different venue.

Life is good, be happy (forgive me for being a bossy thing?)

Syd said...

Good luck with your courses. It does sound as if you are excited. It was a great weekend here.