Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday class

Well, it's Sunday morning and I am sitting in my real estate law class. Wireless internet plus laptop for notetaking = blogging during class, lol. We're reviewing a chapter I'm quite comfy with so, I thought I might take a moment to say hello :-)

Friday night, we had an away high school football game and the band travels to all away games. It was such a beautiful evening: sunny, mild, light breezy night. The corn is coming off now, beans are turning, the final cuttings of alfala and hay are coming off. The season is turning, one of the delights of living in the midwest. The bus ride was absolute bliss, windows down, diesel fumes (reminds me of my high schol days), kids singing and laughing behind the sounds of the country music playing on my iPod. All of this inspired me to write this:

"Band Bus"

Jostling, leaning, bouncing noisily on our way...

Sounds of youth streaming throughout the metal cylinder,
we make our way over sun-covered, breezy hills of dried cornstalks,
nearly amber as they rattle from the passing breeze of our clatter-trap,
diesel fumed behemoth.

Arms over seat backs... Squeaky voices, shrill, throaty tones sing the latest and greatest.
"Are we there yet?" Just you look out now, for here comes the band!


Brian Miller said...

ha. nice write...real estate classes on sunday morning...yikes...bloging in class...too funny...smiles. nice write.

Susan at Stony River said...

Oh that's so funny -- what a guilty pleasure, blogging in class! (but serves them right for making you go in on a Sunday --!)

I'd love to go into real estate but I'm crappy at math and would hate to fail LOL

G-Man said...


You live in OHIO?

You said Go Blue?

*sniff*... I love you Man!

Syd said...

It takes me back to those bus riding days.