Thursday, September 30, 2010

wednesday's post

Here is what I intended to post yesterday...

I'm sitting in a local coffee house having coffee between morning meetings and reflecting on the weeks and find myself amazed at how quickly September is vanishing. Fall is upon us, the leaves are turning and there's a certain crispness in the air that's been absent all summer long. It's the time for change, for easing into another phase, and my life is presently a manifestation of this time of change.

I've now sat through 7 of the 12 required days of Real Estae licensing classes and I am beginning to understand that I just might have a shot at becoming pretty good at the real estate game. I enjoy people and I LOVE solving problems and helping folks improve their lives. I've missed that part off the mortgage world, where I got to work with folks to make their lives better. So, I am looking forward to that once again when I begin my real estate career. I am also feeling very good about the folks I am going to work for/with, and their level of committment to my success. I am starting to see that this could turn out to be a very good situation over time, given the chance to develop and some solid effort on my part.

I see this opportunity as another result of sobriety in AA. I don't say that because I got connected with all of this through someone in AA, it's just that I've learned so many lessons I needed to learn while in AA, talking with sponsors, sponsees, in meetings, in the books. AA will get us sober, no doubt! But, AA will teach us valuable life lessons that affect all areas of our lives. We get as much out of AA as we put into it, like so many other things in life. Once again, I find myself grateful to God for AA, for my sobriety, for the people I've met and the lessons I am still learning at 14 years sober in AA.

This is indeed a program for living, not just for drying out. Oh sure, we can accomplish that (drying out) without question. But, there is so much more we can do by coming to AA and going 110% full on into recovery, a day at a time. They always told me that if I put HALF as much into recovery in AA as I did into getting wasted, I would be well on my way to living a new life. They were right!! I am so grateful for the Grace God gave me to be prepared to listen and act in recovery!

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drybottomgirl said...

I have no doubt that you will be great in your real estate career. Blessings as you begin this new season of change.....