Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a little writing on marriage, family and balance

One of the most difficult tasks/efforts/projects I find in my life today is my marriage. I've come (oh so slowly) to learn that marriage requires daily nurturing and cultivation and I tend to not be very good at that on a consistent basis, lol. (it's ok, my wife is much the same lol) We've had our adventures good and bad but today I am learning to be a more consistent tender of our marital garden. I wrote this prayer the other day to help me keep focused on what's most important. Balance is something that has oft eluded me in recovery, this helps me keep in balance.

"Prayer of a Married Man..."

I arise to greet the day, a day like any other.
Before I consider my lot in life, the task at hand,
I ask of the Lord, these blessings with no demand.
"Please let there be peace and joy in the heart of my love..."
"Please let there be fun, joy, and wonder in the heart of our lad..."
"Please let there be no deceit or ill will in the heart of this dad..."
"Please give us this day together in love, trust, and respect..."
"I pray that we all give up to You, that which we cannot affect..."
"Thank You for blessing us one and all, for bringing us together as family."
"I pray that I seek Your Will, to do what You wish in all cases..."
"I give this day to You, entrusting my family to Your care..."
And so now I can proceed with the present day, this miracle.
For, life is given us by God to enjoy, share, love and work.
Thank You for another miracle, this day!


izzy said...

Lovely ! Thanks.
"May I be of loving, joyful service to somebody somewhere somehow-Thy will, thy highest be, Amen."

Brian Miller said... does...and it has got to be a partnership...

Eric Alder said...

Marriage is definitely a balancing act - but the good thing is that it's also a partnership where each gives and takes.

Also, the act of nuturing is in itself nuturing, which is a win-win.

A nice, thoughtful write, Scott.

Enchanted Oak said...

"Please let there be joy in the heart of my love..."

What a wonderful thing to pray for and a good way to focus for a minute on the wellbeing of our family. You've come a long way, Scott, in the past year. Blessings on all of you!

Syd said...

I just read that marriage is becoming less of a given and more of a choice. The Pew Research Center survey found that marriage is optional. It's become a menu choice rather than the central organizing principle of our society.
It definitely takes work and give and take. But I am glad to have made the commitment and have this woman I love in my life.