Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poetry Potluck #14

The topic for prose this week at Jingle Poetry Potluck is hobbies, pastimes and entertainment. I am a musician, a trombonist, and now I write...

God gave my soul direction at my conception.
I said "drums," mom and dad said "by no means."
I said "trumpet," the teacher said "trombone."
And so the die was cast, my fortune told.
Trombone it is! God's direction taken, His will manifests.
God's invitation stirring in my deep, deep within.
"Practice thirty minutes a day," they said.
I was so mad, especially on those sunny days.
But over time, angry practice grew into success, by small measure.
The drudgery, browbeating and the occasionally dissonant raised voices came no more.
For I was on my way, God's Grace had taken over.
Pressure to improve now driven from within, driven by desire to feel the call.
God's Grace again, tugging at me from where? I know not.
Chords spinning together, magic made with other 'like-soulled" fools for love.
College, teaching, all in fulfillment of God's direction given at the start.
nnow it's come full 'round, playing for Him in His House,
for His worship.
My passion comes to Celebrate his Passion, Death and Resurrection.
God called me for these times, to give his gift to others as we walk together
this journey betrothed to each other by Grace, by Sin, by Denial, by indulgence and at last
by that knowing Reconciliation in fulfillment of His commands.

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Anonymous said...

Scott, this is a lovely and passionate poem. It's the perfect contribution to this week's Potluck. Thank you. I enjoyed it.

I just noticed your comment on the JP and checked to see if you had linked in. You've not done so. Here are the directions:
1.) go back to the site
2.) scroll to the bottom of the Potluck post until you get to the blue button that says"add your link" - you'll find it below the the list of participants who have already linked in.
3.) fill in the information requestions: the link to your poem (just click on you URL and copy it and then past it into InLinkz), you name, and your email
4.) hit the submit botton
5.) now that you are linked in visit as leas six site for each poem that you link in.

Have fun. Thanks for joing us.

If you have more questions or any problem, leave a comment on my site.


Anonymous said...

You've done it.
Congrat's. Warm welcome to Potluck.
Have fun.

Jamie Dedes

Syd said...

I am glad that you are doing this. I am sure that your music fills His house.

Jingle said...

awesome job..
you are thoughtful...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that love can be expressed in so many different ways?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to illustrate your calling and music and blending it together. Beautiful.


Jingle said...

welcome voting,
you are nominated, you win one vote,
if you join us and vote for others, you win another vote, then you win at least a honorable mention award.

Good Luck!
Happy Wednesday!

flaubert said...

Well done potluck.