Sunday, December 12, 2010

fly with faith!

In support of my new real estate career, I've spent an excessive amount of time messing around setting up my new real estae blog. I was planning to go all fancy and use wordpress but now that I've messed around with wordpress and made very little sense of it, I've come back to good old blogger, for better or for worse. I am familiar with it, it works and so there you go.

I will launch this week, once my website is up and running. Suffice it to say I am thrilled to be doing this. I'm nervous and a little scared, but thrilled. I've wanted to get into real estate for a long time, and have known in my heart of hearts that I can be successful. I've got my blog laid out and my email set up. I'm ordering cards, setting up my facebook page, and setting up my website this week. By Friday, I ought to be officially out there, up and running.

This little project has gone on a leap of faith. Who knows what will become of this. I've had to invest a TON of time, and a bit of money into myself to make this happen. All of this investment has taken place on top of an already busy life and difficult economic climate for my family. I have faith. I must have faith.

Ironically, this is just exactly one of the main concepts I have been trying to get over on my junior high CCD kids this month. I'm teaching a class called "mysteries of our faith" to a section of 7th and 8th graders. Funny how this comes during one of my greatest leaps of faith in a long time. I believe this to be a part of my teaching, and a part of my own faith journey.

AA, HP and sobriety have taught me that faith is indispensable if I am to have success and peace in my life. I've learned, and become able to act on faith, through counsel, prayer and action. It feels AWESOME to be out there living life, on the front lines, trusting God, myself and those who mean the most to me.

I feel as if I am right in the center of the stream of life these days, and I CRAVE more of this feeling!


Pat said...

All the best to you in your real estate business, Scott. May the Lord bless you and bless your business.

Scott said...

Pat, thanks very much!

Syd said...

It sounds as if you are doing all the right things. Good things will come to you as you fulfill those dreams of yours. Good for you Scott.

moondustwriter said...

hope it goes well

get on Twitter lots of visibility

have a great week

Sober Julie said...

Praying for your new venture, how exciting!!