Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday stuff

Special Holiday Chamber of Commerce Saturday hours have me sitting dutifully at my desk at work until noon. People have to have the extra time to buy their chamber gift certificates, good at over 150 local retail shops and businesses!

However, I am afforded much quiet time this morning so I thought I'd post a bit, and stroll around the blogoshpere for a visit, so beware, I am coming by :-)

A question for the writers out there... Now that I've begun posting some writing work, how can I protest it from being stolen (like it's that great, right? lol). Can I just post something about it being copyright protected, and all that jazz? I don't really know how that works.

Our annual winter retreat for men of AA is upcoming in a month. I was asked and agreed to lead the weekend. Our retreat theme is "spirituality, the essence of recovery." So, it's time for me to begin putting together probably about 6 hours or material for presentation to a group of about 20 sober fellows in AA. I lead this retreat a couple years ago but it was a pre-assembled program, I didnt' have to put it together. This time I am going from scratch and I have to say I'm somewhat intimidated lol. I don't have trouble getting up and talking, working with a group of guys. But, being responsible for all the content is something new for me. It's exciting but I'm nervous, just the same.

If anyone has any great activities, material, or suggestions I'm happy to steal them for my own use, so lay them on me! I'm going to do a couple guided meditations, some roundtable discussion sessions, along with a few talks on topics relating to spirituality in AA.


clean and crazy said...

no idea about copy right stuff check out shadow over at 1 door away from heaven she uses copy right stuff and all her work is very original, she is amazing, you could probably get some great ideas from her and some of her followers.

Syd said...

Get someone to do a meditation workshop. Those are great. Good luck with it.