Thursday, January 06, 2011

back to the grind?

Well, I'm slowly getting back into the usual work routine, following 10 days on the road visiting family over the holidays.

I've managed two AA meetings already this week and I must say I feel a difference in my spirit. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of our local noon meeting. We had pizza, fellowship and discussed gratitude for an hour. There was some very fragile, new sobriety in the room and that mdae for a wonderful meeting.

Last evening I got back to teaching CCD (Catholic religious ed) at church, and I had the Jr High kids celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliaton (going to confession) and my usual class with the high school kids. I love helping the kids understand and go through the confession process. So many folks see this as some sort of guilt-ridden punishment deal. It really couldn't be farther from that. But unfortunately we Catholics have gotten a bad rap on that one (quite possibly well deserved). But, as a sober alcoholic in AA, I have a very positive perspective on the 4-5th Steps, and that's really what's taking place at Reconciliation. So, I make it a point to help the kids really understand why we confess, seek forgiveness and ultimately receive it.

I arrived home to find Mr. Holland's Opus playing on the tv, and I got sucked into it. The first time I saw it, I was about 2 mos sober. I sat, watched intently and proceeded to soak my tee shirt from the tears that fell as the movie moved me profoundly. (I drank and smoked away my music teacher gig before it really got going.) I hadn't sat and watched the movie since. Well, last night I watched the last 1/3 of it, and like the first time, I sat and wept through the ending. This time things are different. I may not be the actual band director but, I am teaching, I assisted with the marching band this year and I am slowly being allowed to reclaim a piece of my teaching dreams. I wept for new, more joyous reasons.

All this following a gratitude meeting, imagine that. (just sayin')


dAAve said...

Howdy Scott!

greeneyes616 said...

Scott, Your blog is an inspiration to others and full of hope..mine too Hope and love such beutiful gifts..thank you for your honesty it's refreshing God Bless and my He heep you in His loving embrce Patricia

Jingle said...

happy new year.

YEAH!, you win The Celebrate Poet of 2010 Award

Happy Sunday!
Come to our potluck tonight,

Theme: Journey and the road ahead.

Syd said...

That was a very good movie.