Sunday, January 09, 2011

Crunch Time for my spirit!

Well, I'm less than a week away from leading our AA Men's Retreat and preparations are in full swing lol. I've run a pre-packaged retreat before and really enjoyed that. This will be my first foray into creating the entire program from scratch and leading it. Our theme is "Spirituality, the Essence of Recovery" and the only difficulty I am having now is finishing the two guided meditations I am writing for the men. Most of the content is together, I just need to finish the meditations and pull everything together and tweek it all for flow and timing. This has been a fun project to work on and I really hope the guys enjoy the weekend, and get something out of it. The real jackpot for me will be to keep my ego out of the way and focus on the men and the program. I've been praying a bit on that one!

I'm hoping for a bit of writing and mediation inspiration this afternoon during our annual Winter Lockkeeper's Cnanal Hike. Our town is situated on the Miami and Erie Canal in western Ohio. Our particular community has called upon its original identity as we develop and construct ourselves in the 21st century. A few years ago, they rebuilt the canal lock at the center of town, and most recently a replica of the original Lockkeeper's House was constructed (that houses my office). If you promise not to link back to this blog, and your interested in more infomation, I will email you the link to the blog I write for the Lockkeeper's House and the chamber of commerce I run. Email me at: for the link.

At any rate, it will be a frozen wintry walk up and down the canal towpath through town and trees and gently, barely rolling countryside lol. Birding opportunities abound and the scene is picturesque and peaceful. It will make a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon. It's also a good bit of exercise, something I am trying to improve upon.


Heavenly Father, please help me sort out my thoughts, bring my spirit in line with Your intentions for me. I pray that I make myself willing to seeek and follow Your will today. Please help me get out of self and into Your service today. Thank you for the many miraculous blessing that adorn my life, and I pray I remember to share them with those I meet along the road of life today.


dAAve said...

Hey Scott. Thanks for dropping by.

Syd said...

It sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon. Good luck with the retreat. I am sure it will go well.