Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week 17 Poetry Potluck

This week's theme is Journey and The Road Ahead. This photo is from a winter hike along the Miami and Erie Canal in western Ohio we took this afternoon. My wife is up ahead in the black coat walking our dog Cosmo. My son is in the yellow coat in front of me. It was a beautiful day to be out and about!
A winter walk...
Trudging along, clouds of frozen breath
streaming beside my face,
barely any breeze to draw my attention
from the whir of possibility
in my mind.
I watch ahead as they scramble on
the frozen tow path, amid the sticks and ruts
of the winter, each in their own solitude.
They smile at passersby, not knowing names
but glad for company from thoughts that wander too
far into the distance.
My own thoughts meander along like the tiny
rivulet of water beneath the icy, winding canal bottom.
A darting flash of red I think I saw...
no wait, just my mind again.
I try to focus in upon myself,
to slow the stream of images, wrangling with each other
for prominence in the discussion of what the year will bring.
"I love this weather," says my heart.
"I beg to differ," my face and toes!
In the end, feet damp and chilled,
faces frozen in smiles of simple wonder
at nature's delight on a cold, frosty January day.
Nothing solved, nothing decided.
Hearts and minds cleared for renewed efforts
at bringing about another day in the life.


Anonymous said...

Scott, I like this line "faces frozen in smiles of simple wonder at nature's delaying on a cold, frosty January day."

We all complain about winter but it is quite beautiful in its way. Beautiful words and photo.

~ Cheryl

septembermom said...

Wonderful pace and rhythm as the reader gets caught up in all this terrific imagery. Well done!

dan roberson said...

I enjoyed the journey through this winter scene. Well done.

Jingle said...

love the rhythms of your words..

vivid demonstration of roads and emotions during snowy days.


Anonymous said...

Lovely storytelling. re: ""I love this weather," says my heart.
"I beg to differ," my face and toes!" that's my life here in Canada every day from late Nov. to late March!
Thanks for the smiles.

Anonymous said...

Scott, this is a wonderful, evocative poem. I feel like I was walking behind you. For me, a walk in nature is a primo source of inspiration both poetically and spiritually.

I enjoy your blog, your sharing your recovery, and Cosmo! And it's a nice thing to show the reading for each day. I hope you enjoy your upcoming retreat. Blessings to you.

Alexis said...

Very nice. I like the narration between the senses. It reminds me to take it all in.

One Love,


Anonymous said...

I loved the write and was in the moment...just awesome my friend. Thanks for sharing x

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this very much. Very good write.


Anonymous said...

loving the small conversation the most
"I love this weather," says my heart.
"I beg to differ," my face and toes!
First time here and it's enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

sounds like life is ringing wonderfully for you my friend and that is good news! here’s my new year potluck-

TALON said...

I've taken walks like this...nature has a way of both humbling and enchanting us at the same time...

Anonymous said...

This poem is like a brilliant snapshot of a cold winter's day alone with one's thoughts. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

I like portrayal of conflict between the heart and mind and how they come together renewed. Thank you for sharing your poem.

Syd said...

Nice Scott. Nothing like a walk outdoors to clear the mind and the soul.

Madeleine said...

I loved reading this poem Scott. Excellent :O) I posted mine up today :O)

Anonymous said...

A walk in Winter snow can certainly clear your mind. I plan on taking a walk today myself (KY) with snowshoes. Like your dog's name - Cosmo.

Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks for the lovely participation, Happy Tuesday!

Potluck Week 17 Treat/Awards 4 You, Enjoy!

greeneyes616 said...

Scott, I see we share alot of the same love's I have a couple of my poems in my book but it is and always will be my first love I have written so many similar poems one similar to this one was called "daydreaming" but took place on a beach...on my blog one of my older post I believe is called " "remember to smile" if you haven't read it I think you will enjoy them...Thank you for your response and honesty to my recent post story so encouraging to others,,,May God continue to bless you and your loved ones and keep you in His loving embrace Patricia

Jingle said...

How are you?

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