Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash Friday 55 "Prayer"

Friday Flash 55 Fiction... find an inspiring photo, write that inspiration in 55 words or less, come on over to see the G-Man and share your tale... Enjoy!

My God in heaven, I pray to You this day...
Please help us heal.
A man came, he shot, wounded and killed,
changed our country in such a way
that many must point fingers and
spread poisonous vitriol
to feel better themselves.
All we need to do is be still,
seek peace and give love.


Jingle said...

powerful 55.
thanks for reminding us the cruelty of reality.

Happy Friday!

G-Man said...

An excellent prayer indeed Scott.
As is all the kind words you spread around this ole planet.
You are an inspiration and such a positive human being, Thanks!
And thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Brian Miller said...

amen...oeace would be nice...

Mama Zen said...

Just what we need. Beautiful 55.

Enchanted Oak said...

Amen to your prayer.

Jingle said...

best wishes.
moving 55..