Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poetry Potluck

When first discovered, I knew not what meaning it would ultimately have for me.
Is this a cult?
Are they going to brainwash me?
What if I don't fit in?
Wat if they don't like me?
What will they make me do?
All I needed was a desire to stop drinking...
turns out, that's all I really had.
They welcomed me with open arms,
honesty and understanding.
They didn't judge me, how could they?
I learned how not to drink,
one day at a time.
I learned how to live life on
life's terms,
one day at a time.
Slowly, surely I rediscovered myself.
It turns out, my brain did need washing.
They loved my until I could love myself.
And now, I owe.
No, they don't charge for their services.
But I owe...
I must give away what was freely given me
lest I risk losing the miracle of this
life of freedom and release
from the bondage of self.
Thank God for AA,
for without it I'd be lost.

Poetry Potluck is a really wonderful gathering of writers who write on a weekly theme. You can find all of us at Jingle Poetry This week's theme is "languages, signs and symbols.' The image I've chosen represents all three of the components of our theme. This is one of the symbols for Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization I've been an active member of for nearly 15 years. Joining AA has to be the best thing I've ever done for myself, far and away. I still attend meetings today, that I might never forget where I came from. I still come around so that I can be here for the still struggling alcoholic/addict who comes through those doors that were open to me when I arrived back on Jan 28, 1996. Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

These lines are beautiful:

"All I needed was a desire to stop drinking...
turns out, that's all I really had."

"It turns out, my brain did need washing."

"life of freedom and release
from the bondage of self"

I'm on my own journey of healing; one day at a time indeed.

Anonymous said...

I love your poem and your openness. Wonderful!

Jingle said...

playful and beautiful...
Thanks for the contribution.


Jingle said...

Some Awards 4 you, please help by visiting 2 or 3 poets to give birthday wishes, Thanks!

Your support is valued!

drybottomgirl said...

I love this! I am so grateful to have come to the point where I had the desire to quit drinking. Last night I was seated next to a lady at the Master Gardener's potluck and we were talking and she asked if I was a writer and I said "I have a blog". Then she asked what it was about and I told her my first year in recovery. She said "I'm an alcoholic too, been sober for 23 years! Isn't it amazing how we can always walk into a room and find one another! Now where else can you get fellowship like that! Glad life is good to you today and always......

Anonymous said...

A great homage to the peolple who straightened you out, or rather, helped you straighten yourself out.
Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

Anonymous said...

This was a very moving piece, my friend..
And a wonderful tribute to those that SUCCEEDED, and to all those that are still trying!!

Kudos to you, Scott, on your accomplishment!
And thanks for sharing this wonderful piece with Poetry Potluck!!

Madeleine said...

Great poem on an emotive theme. :O)