Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Flash 55

It's Friday, and time for Flash Friday 55 once again! Take a pic, let that pic be your muse for a short piece (55 words or less). Stop by to tell Mr Know-It-All a thing or two about your writing and we'll come by for a visit!

"I stick my head out for a quick, refreshing breath.
The morning sun beats down upon the
still, frozen landscape, reminding me
how insignificant I really am in the scheme of things.
Mother Nature did her thing,
despite my wishes for warm weather.
I take that breath and return to the warmth
of my office."
I am blessed to live in a beautiful little community in Western Ohio, along the Miami and Erie Canal. My office is situated in a brand new building along the canal and affords me a wonderful view of the canal and our quaint little town. I don't have to look far for writing and spiritual inspiration! This is the view out the front door of our building, looking south along the canal. We were alotted seven whole degrees this morning. Don't spend them al in one place! wow!


moondustwriter said...

the view is refreshing - sounds like you live in a delightful community.

Have a wonderful weekend Scott

greeneyes616 said...

Scott what a beautiful Photo and It sounds like a wonderful place to both work and live...Thank you for sharing I truly love winter and I so appreciate the postcard of a picture, it makes one think of a journey...Be safe and may God keep you and all you love in His loving embrace Have a great weekend Patricia

Anonymous said...

The snow is so fresh and lovely.

Apologies for hoarding all the warmth - it's an hour past midnight and it's 26 degrees Celsius here.

Brian Miller said...

ah, nice breath of fresh cold air to get the juices flowing...have a great weekend...

drybottomgirl said...

Lucky you! What a nice view and remember to share it with us when it's spring/summer. Nice 55 and I think you might be a few degrees warmther than us today. Have a great weekend!

Shewriting said...

oh, my! - 7 degrees?...although we have you beat here at a cool 0 degrees with windchills in the negative digits...brrrr...lovely photo and 55 :)

Jingle said...

my place got its first snow yesterday,
kids have No school, today the road looks exactly like this.
they have gone back to school today, otherwise, 4 days at

beautiful 55.
Thanks for sharing.
drive with care.

5thsister said...

Brrrrrrr. I had to turn my space heater on to read this one!

There is a peace and stillness to the photo though, as well as to your words.

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Chilling 55!

G-Man said...

You guys are having a heatwave!
Great Pic Scott..
Great story as well!
What great American History your region of our Country has.
Excellent 55 My Friend.
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End....G

Anonymous said...

Aaaahh...this felt FRESH and WOW!!!
Lucky you!! (for the lovely view, and the allotted 7 degrees! :))
Snuggle in and enjoy a great weekend, my friend..

I thoroughly enjoyed your 55!!

Madeleine said...

Yes they say life is what happens when you've made other plans LOL! Love the flash 55 :O)

Jingle Poetry said...

Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Thanks for the support, You Rock!

Syd said...

A wonderful view Scott. Life is good in a small town.