Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Poets Rally

This writing thing is kool, methinks! I've been asked to check out the Thursday Poets Rally and so what the heck!! I'm posting a piece I wrote this past while on the way to a high school football game on the band bus (I am the Assistant Marching Band Director at our local high school). I think I posted this right after I wrote it but not as any kind of meme submission or anything. Please excuse the photo quality, moving in a bus with a blackberry... wrote the poem on the blackberry... technology is awesome!

"Band Bus"

Jostling, leaning, bouncing noisily on our way...

Sounds of youth streaming throughout the metal cylinder.
We make our way over sun covered breezy hills of dried cornstalks,
nearly amber as hey rattle from the passing breeze of our
clatter-trap, diesel fumed behemoth.

Arms over seat backs...

Squeaky voices, shrill throaty tones
sing the latest and greatest.

Are we there yet?
Just you look out now, for here comes the band! Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

Aww...this was so well paced... brought back some very fond memories!! Of college picnics and the likes!! Lovely! :)

Enjoyed this sweet ride, Scott...
And yes, technology soooo rocks!! :)

Jingle said...

love it,


musical and dynamic.
well done.

Welcome to Poets Rally.
thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

nice and original! just in case you have not been, here's my week 38 haha!

Anonymous said...

Ha! This is cute. I can hear the noise and almost smell the stinky sneakers ...

Sounds like a fun job, Scott.

Agree about technology ...

Happy Rally Days. Pleased that you have joined in.


marit said...

I like "Arms over seat backs..."

it really made me think about being on the school bus back in the day

my potluck entry:

RMP said...

love your description, "clatter-trap, diesel fumed behemoth."

Very nice poem!

Mike and Sandy Patrick said...

I am so glad you reposted this. I've been slowly working my way back through your post. Hadn't gotten this far back yet. Loved it!
Mike Patrick

Kim Nelson said...

You totally captured the essence of an extracurricular bus ride. Crazy, fun stuff!

The Turning Point said...

Brings me back in time and to your neck of the woods.
You connected. That's the beauty of of hearing the heart speak through your written word.


Lu Ann said...

I am a student so it´s nice to read something from the perspective of an adult!

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed every single word and every image created in my mind.

Lolamouse said...

Great Rally poem! Although I was never on a band bus, I can imagine it from your poem.

Amity said...

Hi Scott,

Yeah, technology is awesome...and I am tempted to be in with the crown - owning a blackberry too! Which will make blogging for me easier at all cost...lols!

I love your idea, 'are we there yet?' when can i have a blackberry so i can be in now with the modern tech???

Thanks for visiting my blog Scott!

Olivia said...

feedback nuggets.. hahaha clever!

I was quite busy sorting out the phases in my life- and missed these carefree outings.. Now, I people around me have grown up- you know what I mean- the blog template actually sent me hiking.. :D

Wonderful words
Hugs xoxox

Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Sunday!

Please vote, you are nominated, you win one vote automatically, if you vote, you win another vote..!
Thanks for the time!
Good Luck!