Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poetry Potluck

This week's theme for Poetry Potluck is "Our Home, Temple and Sanctum." As a recovering alcoholic, I am taken back to my humble beginnings in AA, my feeble attempts at stretching my young newly sober legs. I am reminded of my home group in AA, that place where "everybody knows your name" and offers themselves up for your recovery. Take a stab at our weekly Poetry Potluck, then visit Jingle Poetry to link us to your work.

Home Group

I stumble in, mind all fogged.
"'Aye, what happened to me?" I wonder in dismay.
The warm smiles that greet me
at first piss me off.
"How can these people be smiling
at a time like this?"

I shun attention, yet all they do
is welcome me and tell me
"You're the most important one here!"
"Please just kill me, leave me alone,"
I mutter through the gritted teeth
through feigned smile.

"We'll love you until you love yourself,"
they say cheerily, working in earnest
to gain my trust and attention.
"My trust?" No one has been
interested in my trust, or in trusting me
in quite some sad time.

And so it goes, week after week,
month after month,
one day at a time.
They lovingly hurly platitudes at me like
a barrage of friendly fire.
"First thing's First"
"Easy Does It"
"Think, Think, Think"
"Let Go Let God"

Before I know what's happening to me
a weary smile creeps crossed my face.
It occurs to me, I hadn't considered a drink
in a couple of days.
There are no words to describe
the amazement, the release.
Nothing can prepare this alcoholic
for the joy of the moment when
I relized I hadn't craved a drink or a drug
in a couple of days.

The strangest thing begins to happen to me.
Now with my newfound friends and life-savers,
I too grin stupidly at the frowning, frail, pale newcomer
as he stumbles across the threshold of new life.
I smile lovingly, knowing that if he stays around
long enough for the miracle to happen,
He'll find release, joy, love and peace
as I have, in this, my home group.

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izzy said...

Really nice! great job and brave you are-
I have linked feelings into verse but rarely the concept of sobriety. I'll
have to chew on your idea. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oof, teared up at this. The parts about others encouraging you to love yourself, and lovingly hurling platitudes, really hit home (timely, too).

Glad you're now grinning stupidly and smiling lovingly!

Jingle said...

heartfelt words..
you are a true intellectual...

fabulous potluck dish,
well done.

tOuCh said...

Like this speaks with volume and truth, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

been there... done that.... went back. came back. been black, white purple and sober as the grave...
gotta hand it to you, you sum it up pretty well

Anonymous said...

Very effective summation of what the program has to offer. It has been a life saver for so many people and offers nuggets of wisdom to all of us!

drybottomgirl said...

You took me back to a year ago, all those smiles, all those sayings, and now I also get to wear that smile, and tell a newcomer, "You are the most important person here"...sometimes I think we are the luckiest people in the world :)

Syd said...

Nice, Scott. What a relief to have a place to go where there is so much understanding.