Monday, March 21, 2011

Lies, Deception and Misrepresentation

Wow, what a headline, eh? That's the theme for this week's Poetry Potluck, over at Jingle Poetry. So, crank up your creative mind, write a poem, sonnet, haiku or some other written delight and share it with us at Jingle Poetry.

Things I used to believe...

What's all the fuss about, I'm fine.
Why don't they just leave me alone, I'm fine.
I don't have a problem, I'm fine.
Hell, I'm not hurting anyone,
It's just a few drinks, maybe a joint or two.
I work hard, I deserve to party.

Besides, I can stop anytime I want.
There's lots of people worse than me,
I just like to party a little bit,
what's the harm in that?
I'm not hurting anything.

You need to mind your own damn business, I'm fine.
I never said I'd take care of that,
you've got your story all wrong.
I didn't hide that there, I don't know how it got there.
I pay my bills, I go to work.
Hell, I even got my degree and most of a Master's.

What do you mean I ought to get some help?
I'm fine I told you.
If God, my parents and you would just leave me alone,
everything would be a whole lot better.
I'm just fine the way I am, I am not hurting anyone.
Leave me alone.

I told you, I don't have a problem.


Sober Julie said...

Well written.
This isa good example of the avoidance dance we do.

Anonymous said...

harsh and well said, brutal and honest, but somehow a drop of hope worked it's way into that, too.
excellent piece.

bendedspoon said...

fine poem! but not the hurting that goes with "I'm fine" :)

Jingle said...

that's what I like..

mixed feelings often bother us, Glad to see you let it out.

have fun today.

Anonymous said...

this is nice and original and hey! i'm fine also except that i bug you every potluck haha! here's mine..

Kim Nelson said...

I came from a home where the patriarch was much like this.

Anonymous said...

Right on target, just feeding into that denial.

Anonymous said...

Aahh..superb!! How much we try to convince others (and ourselves) that it's all okay... whheeww! Denial is a real big form of theft (I think).. it robs one of truth, after all..

Very effectively written, my friend!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

keep it up.

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Happy Writing..

Syd said...

Good one Scott. Willingness to want help is key.

Andy said...

Nice read. Thanks.