Sunday, March 06, 2011

Perfect Poet award... me?? Wow!

Well, I'm humbled and proud to have been chosen among the talented writers at the Promising Poets' Parking Lot for the "Perfect Poet Award" this time around. Actually I am sort of floored really. I've recently found my voice and I love to write, so this is really an honour!! Thanks to Jingle and Jamie, and all the wonderful writers in our group. If you fancy putting quill to parchment, or fingers to keys, by all means visit us and participate in our wonderful little association.

Thanks so much, and congrats to all the Perfect Poets this week!

"The words come..."

Like flowing waters running softly down,
the words escape me, wipe 'way the frown.
I mean to say what comes to mind,
heart wins the day, the gift is kind.

I hesitate, I ponder and reflect.
Then they come not one, but many collect.
My emotions, my fears words do protect
while leaping to the page to reveal me wholly
to passersby for their judgement or kind retribution
from comments passed along with love and respect.

And so with glad heart I must proclaim
"I can't believe this heady acclaim!"
Thanks so much, I love you too!
I so love to write, who really knew??


Jingle said...


Thanks for the acceptance.
it looks beautiful in your blog.

have fun.

drybottomgirl said...

Nice guys should always be rewarded and I'm glad you were....smiles...

Anonymous said...

Perfect acceptance poem! Congratulations! :)

kenny said...

Well good for you, and a great poem!