Friday, June 17, 2011


YES! It's Friday, people!! I guess it would be best to spring into action everyday of the week with this sort of enthusiasm, but nothing spells "yee haw" like Friday morning, lol!! It has been a busy week, with lots of things happening not just at work but during the evenings, so I am ready for a break this weekend. It just so happens that we're heading to Indiana tomorrow to stay with some friends at their lake cottage rental. This is a weekend trip we used to make each year, but the last couple of years, we've been unable to. We're really excited to be able to escape and enjoy a beautiful little sandy bottom clear water lake for a couple days. We'll swim, fish, walk/hike, relax and enjoy each other. This is my first real vacation-like weekend since Christmas with my family, I'm definitely in need to some down time!

In reviewing my life these days, I can see that the greatest challenge I face right now is balance/time. My job running our chamber of commerce is a public position and keeps me very busy, including plenty of evenings and weekends. It doesn't pay really well, and I am the primary breadwinner of our household so I sell real estate, teach at church and assist with the high school marching band for extra income. Factor in Cub Scouts, coaching baseball, swim concessions (this one goes away after this year!) and my community service/volunteer work, and I rarely have time for Scott. Our marriage has been steadily improving with help from outside counseling so we communicate better than we used to, which really reduces stress and blow-ups. Writing and blogging has been a wonderful release, and I get to a few AA meetings each month, usually less than weekly.

So, I find myself feeling constantly rushed, hustling all the time and that tends to leave me a bit cranky and feeling spread to thin. When I came to AA, all I did was party and do things that pleased Scott. If I had to give of myself, it was usually only begrudgingly and I usually looked for something in return. Now it seems, I swung 180 degrees in the other direction lol and now I find myself resenting reuests for help/volunteering, and I feel as if maybe I'm owed a little more success with regard to my income/career. Still not a good result, lol. I seem to do best these days when I work to stay in the moment and don't worry about finances, or how things are going to work out. But I am starting to see that I've more than likely over-stretched myself, creating pressure and stress in my life where none need exist.

That's about as far as I have gotten with this issue, but I know that the time for decisions and stress reducing actions is approaching. I just pray today for God's guidance, that HP will show me the best way. And, I hope I am paying attention when He shows me lol.


Sober Julie said...

What a fantastic reminder to be aware of how we're spending our energy!
While you're doing many "good works" are you taking away from time which would make you more effective if you cut back?
Could your impact be greater by doing less?

A wonderful thought process and worthy of your time.

Brian Miller said...

i hear you on being over stretched, i do that to myself as well....have a great time in indiana...heading that way in a couple weeks myself for a wedding...