Friday, June 17, 2011

allow me a "double dip..."

The magic of meetings...

Knowing I am unbalanced, stressed and longing for a great weekend, I thought it best to hit the noon meeting today. Who do you think I see there?? My wife :-) She was in the same spot, harried, stessed, rutted, etc. Well, you all know the magic of meetings... I didn't solve a single problem (didn't really feel like I needed to lol), none of my circumstances have changed in the last couple hours, but I sure as heck do feel good right now. I have a hunch we may have managed to avoid a potential burn up by each doing the right thing and hitting a meeting to straighten our thinking.

After 15 + years sober in AA, meetings still have their inteded effect on me, and I just couldn't feel more grateful than I do at this moment, and I wanted to share it even though I posted earlier today already (scroll down).

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