Saturday, July 09, 2011

a camping we will go!

I had to get a post in this morning before we leave! Ian and I are off to camp out with a few hundred of our closest Cub Scout friends today. It's the annual "Dad and Lad" campout at a Boy Scout camp a couple hrs from here. We'll swim, shoot bb guns, shoot bow and arrows, hike, ride bikes and collapse lol. Then we come home tomorrow. It's a fast weekend, but a fun one. I just wish I had a little more energy this morning, lol.

This has been an insanely busy few weeks. But, the insanity is paying off. I am closing on my first real estate deal Monday, I sold one of my listings yesterday, showed one Wednesday, have a showing and an open house going this weekend with another agent. Now that we've got some activity, it's time to get a few more homes listed and into the pipeline. Real estate has been slow, but things are looking up little by little. This stretch has required faith, much faith that things will work out. We're in a tenuous financial position right now, but things are gradually looking up.

Went to the noon mtg yesterday, listened to a relative newcomer share once again about how his daughter won't talk to him because of his drinking escapades. We all arrive in AA with so many things to fix, and so little time ro credibility to do so. recovery is a process, sometimes a painful one. It takes time to repair the damage we've caused, and we just have to keep working on ourselves and accept what happens. That's the message he got last week when he asked about this, and that's the message he got this week. He will make it one day at a time if he keeps doing what he's doing. I only hope he can find a way to not make himself crazy over that daughter of his. Time is probably the most effective healer of those wounds.

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