Saturday, July 16, 2011

living life

Man, it felt great to sleep in for a change this morning! I didn't roll out until all of 8:30! We're heading up to Toledo to visit my mom for her birthday today. Her birthday isn't until the 25th, but we'll be on vacation that day. So, we'll head up today and celebrate early.

God gave me a special gift this week (among the many). I had the priviledge of interviewing a polio survivor, for a story my Rotary President has asked me to write for the Rotary International magazine and a magazine published in Ohio. Roatary International has been working to eradicate Polio since 1985. There are cases of Polio in only 4 countries in the world thanks to the efforts to immunize and wipe the disease out entirely. This man told us his story of how he contracted Polio at age 10 in 1949, had to be placed on an iron lung, and managed to survive. What a story, and what a priviledge. I only hope I can do him justice with this article.

That is just one of the examples of the magic of sobriety. If I were not fully in the stream of life, connected to my HP, things like this wouldn't happen to me. I wouldn't care about others, I wouldn't be in service clubs, I wouldn't be aware. I am grateful today for my life with all its ups and downs.


Anonymous said...

The first lines of your post made me smile. I, too, didn't roll out until 8:30. Which is a first because this is one of my first Saturdays off in about 7 years and this is the first morning that the new puppy slept all the way through the night. Good stuff. Its the little things and I'm grateful for them.

Syd said... sleeping in until 7 or so. That seems to be the most I can muster in the summer. In the winter, I can sleep until after 8. Good that the club is helping others.