Sunday, July 17, 2011

there's no such thing as coincidences!

Man this weekend went by quickly! We had a nice 2hr road trip up to Toledo to see my mom for her b-day. We went out for dinner, had a great visit then 2hrs back home. It was a really nice family day! Today I puttered 'round the house, transplanting some hydrangeas that continually wilt in the sun. I moved them to a more shaded place in the back yard. Hopefully they will do welll there. I groomed Cosmo and bathed her, she was a mess lol. Ian and I hung out, played some Wii, we all took a walk and I just finished loading my marching band schedule into my caleendar. This week, we begin rehearsals already. I am looking forward to my second year as assistant marching band director at our local high school.

At Mass this morning, Father discussed the Gospel reading, a parable from Matthew where Jesus teaches about the mysteries of Evil. The parable tells the sotry of a farmer who planted good wheat seeds in his fields. While the farmer slept, an enemy came by and sowed the seeds fo weeds in his field. The farmer knew the weeds had come from his enemy, yet he waited until harvest to split the good wheat from the weeds, rather than tear out his wheat trying to get the weeds out.

I was weeding my garden this morning, and don't you know a I pulled a particlarly stubborn weed out, it tore up the roots of one of my flowers, so I had to be gentle in removing the weed. I then tried to grab another weed, only to be ravaged by tiny little spines and thorns. I left that one in the garden. Father's homily was all about how sometimes maybe God leaves evil in the world, that He might find a way to bring some good from it, or event to cultivate that evil to good purpose later on. This whole thing was a rather shocking, soul-shaking "coincidence" that I've decided to keep in the back of my mind, should HP/God/Jesus be trying to teach me something.



dAAve said...

Hi Scott.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Hmmmm... that's a good one to meditate on a little longer. I'll savor this nugget today :) Thanks Scott!

Syd said...

I've heard that there are no coincidences, just God remaining anonymous.