Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Flash 55, "growth, one day at a time"

Waves wash over me, scrubbing with sand the embedded old ways I used to live. Cleanse me Lord, for I wish to follow your will today. Scour away my soiled past, to reveal what You wanted me to be all along. Now, my cross to bear is right-sized once again. I will follow you...

TGIF! What a week, whew! Today is the final day of band camp... It's been a blast, we're way ahead of last year at this time and I have loved it! I am glad it's almost over lol. It's been hectic trying to keep pace of the office this week with a crazy schedule. But it's worth it in the end.

A sober day today... That Friday Flash 55 piece above popped into my head when I saw that photo from vacation in the Outer Banks. I could feel the sand granules washing over me in the surf and it reminded me of how God gently uses our experiences, other people, pain, gratitude and a mix of many things to bring us back to Him, one day at a time. So today, pray that I allow God to continue to polish me by whatever means He sees fit. I pray that I might accept whatever He washes into my life. I will do the best with what I have, I will serve God and those around me.

Have a great Friday!


Brian Miller said...

smiles. the washing in the waves is not necessarily painless but my what a feeling when cleansed...smiles.

G-Man said...

Scott your Prayer/Story was very refreshing.
I Loved the photo as well.
August Band Camp...Always a harbinger of Autumn!!!
Fantastic 55 My Friend, thanks for thinking of me
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

Syd said...

Nice, Scott. Hard to believe that schools back in session. I am ready for cool weather.

Monkey Man said...

You past will always be your past. You own it but you don't have to carry it as a burden. Nice 55.

Enchanted Oak said...

I love the part about God polishing us by all those different means. Nice thoughts to end your hectic week. Enjoy your weekend!