Thursday, August 04, 2011

you can always go home!

As much as we enjoyed our trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, we always look forward to coming home. We're blessed to be living a wonderful life in a nice home with good friends, excellent AA meetings, great jobs in an amazing community. So, it's always good to return and get back into the groove.

Having said all that, the OBX is an amazing place to visit. We stayed in Kill Devil Hills, and visited sites as far south at the Oregon Inlet and ventured up to Duck. The beaches were awesome, Ian learnd how to boogie board and skim board in the surf, and no one got stung by a sea nettle (jellyfish) or attacked by a shark. (There have been a couple unfortunate run-ins with sharks along he NC coast in recent weeks, very disconcerting)

I took this photo while fishing on a pier in Kill Devil Hills, amazing sunrise wow! I had never fished in the ocean, so it was a really awesome experience. It's so still early in the morning, fishing there with all of the local "salty dogs." I caught two crabs, 5 spot and a pinfish. It was really kool!

I have managed to hit the ground running with regard to work and all the stuff going on right now. I really caught a nice "re-charge" on vacation and have returned ready to kick some serious butt! I've begun my 2nd year as the assistant marching band director at our high school and we're in the thick of summer rehearsals, with band camp beginning next week. Our real estate business has a couple homes under contract to be sold and I've attracted a couple new buyers so things appear to be hitting on all cylinders right not.

I had time to make the noon meeting yesterday, glad I did. Someone brought up the topic of self-pity and we had a nice discussion with many perspectives. For me, I have to be wary of spending too much time feeeling sorry for myself. During my time in AA, God and AAs have helped me realize that most of my troubles are of my own making AND I am self centered in the extreme. So, I am almost ALWAYS thinking about Scott, and that hasn't always been a recipe for success. I've learned that focusing on gratitude and helping others seems to be the best way for me to avoid the self pity merry go round.

The Daily Reflection for yesterday was about the principle in Step 7 that our ideal goal in life ought to be to "fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and to those around us." I try to follow this principle, but I must ALWAYS check my motives, that I am not really just trying to benefit myself by doing things for others. I must avoid self-seeking, and accept that I HP will provide for me if I am doing the next right thing. So I try daily to think of God first, those around me next, and myself third. I have yet to go hungry or file bankruptcy and when I am successful at this, I enjoy a greater peace of mind and less chaos.

It ain't easy... But it's really an ideal to strive for!


Syd said...

The Outer Banks are special. I spent a lot of time there on fishing trips--surf fishing at Ocracoke and Portsmouth Island.

Yes, I check my motives too. I have to do mini-inventories every day. Glad that things are going well, Scott.

dAAve said...

Great picture.

This is the Astros 50th season and by far, their worst ever. They may not even win 60 games this year. Ugh.
We just traded our 2 best players for a bunch of unproven minor leaguers.

Brian Miller said...

nice welcome killdevil hills...did you happen to go to the monster truck garage? smiles.

ScottF said...

Brian, you bet we hit Digger's Dungeon! Ian and I are both HUGE Dennis Anderson/Grave Digger fans. We even ate at "Digger's Diner" the 50's style diner they built right next door!