Wednesday, December 07, 2011

action steps...

I've settled into my fave local coffee shop for a morning work session with one of my chamber members.  We're working on rolling out a new social media/mobile marketing campaign in the chamber, and we're working on developing a partnership whereby I can become a marketing/PR consultant with his business.  It's going to be a couple of real social media/marketing mad scientists.  Let the caffeine flow!

I've decided to try some of these little mini Advent "surprise challenges" from the busted halo Advent calendar (  Yesterday I called my dad and step-mom to just have a nice conversation, tell them I love them, etc.  This was suggested as an activity a few days ago.  My dad, step mom and I have never had a really warm, loving well-communicated relationship. We get laong fine and all that, but there has never been a reall closeness, a warmth.  And there has been much dysfunction over the years between his alcoholism and mine, and her need for Al-Anon.  So, it was with much trepidation that I dialed the number and called.  It was a nice chat and no one got hurt, no fur flew, lol.  I guess I need to reach out a little more often.  I'll call mom today.  We're really very close and I treasure our relationship, so that's an easy call.

I'm still putting off looking myself in the mirror and telling myself "I love you."  I think I better go see father and get Reconciled to my HP.

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