Friday, December 30, 2011

another day sober

Thanks to all of your for your words of encouragement and kindness!  It means alot to read your comments.  I am grateful to have friends in recovery here in the blogosphere.

The interview went well yesterday.  I came prepared and represented myself well.  The primary facilitator, who I'd be replacing gave me some very positive feedback on the way out the door.  He said I'll hear something in about a week.  Now that I've had nearly 24 hours to self-mutilate and consider everything I wish I'd said and hadn't said, I still think I did pretty well.  (I have to remember that the committee between my ears tends to be fairly harsh during the evaluation process lol)  I'm already having a certain "buyer's remorse" and apprehension about the job itself.  It's a big job, a demanding job in a somewhat unfamiliar field with regard to the content of the project I'd be leading.  There is a lot riding on the success of the project for our entire area.  The good news is that I can and will learn the details, it's what I've always done.  The skill set is the same one I'm employing now, and have always employed to reasonable success in my career.  It's all in the hands of the board and my HP.  I feel good about my effort and preparation, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity for this experience!  As with evertyhing in life, I learned a bit about myself through this process, and that's what it's all about.

We head to Toledo for Christmas parts 2 & 3 later this afternoon.  My parents spilt when I was in high school, so I get the benefit of two Christmases with my family.  Since getting sober, this has been more of a benefit, and less of an opportunity for dysfunction.  I haven't been the source of insanity among my people in years and that's wonderful!  Its been a real whirlwind with our trip to WV, Christmas, interview and associated prep work and now the trip to Toledo.  It feels good to be "in the stream of life" (ALL IN lol).  Thankfully, I have Monday off work to spend down time with the fam and recouperate.  I've beeen on vacation since last Fri, but today I have a lunch meeting and I plan to hit the office for a couple hours to eliminate a couple piles and get organized.  I'm not technically working, right?

I'll be offline until Sunday night or Monday so I'll make my New Year wishes now...  Please be safe, be sober, have fun, give someone you love a hug and a kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve and here'ss to a blessed and prosperous 2012!  2011 was sure a great year, thanks to God, AA and the amazing people in my life!


Mike Golch said...

I hope you get the job.I hope that you have a fantanstic new year..I am gonna celebrate it(sober) here at home with my Celestine.

Enchanted Oak said...

Angels all around your car, as we say here when loved ones travel.

It's good to know we don't have to direct the future, just take care of today's gifts.

Happy new year.

drybottomgirl said...

Wishing you the very best in 2012! keep us posted on the job!