Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today is a big day...  I have a significant job interview in about an hour, and I am sitting in a favorite coffee house putting the finishing touches on my preparation.  At this point, it's up to me to trust my preparation and have faith that HP will give me the necessary strength and vision to do well.  I have to deliver and "close the deal."

My main concern at this point is to be at peace, well thought out in my responses and present myself well in the interview.  So, I'm breathing, relaxing, reading up on the job and going through interview questions in my mind.  I'm also taking care not to over-caffeinate.

The position I am interviewing for is a very meaningful one (to me, anyway).  If they hire me, I'll be leading the commission that is working to restore a large nearby lake to environmental and economic health.  I am blown away that I am even trying this, and that I am considered to be a top candidate.  This all goes back to my sobriety.  My life has changed in such a profound way over the past 15+ years.  I cannot even imagine living how I once lived, and I am so grateful.  Regardless of how this turns out, I am truly blessed.  This opportunity is a very good one for my family and my career, and we really need a financial boost.  So there's alot riding on this morning.

I hope and pray that al of you are finding the amazing gratitude in your lives, that I am finding in mine.  I pray that miracles continue in your recovery, I know they sure continue in mine.  Thank God for AA, sobriety and my life today!


Mike Golch said...

if it is ment to be you will get the job.just trust in your self and the higher power will do the rest.

drybottomgirl said...

I'm sure you did great! Let us know how the interview turned out. Yes, gratitude is wonderful.....:)

Enchanted Oak said...

Well, Scott, I believe you did your best, and the results are up to God. My sponsor has drilled into me this year a wonderful saying that takes the heat off of me and puts it in its proper place: Work as if everything depended on you, but know, trust and believe that the outcome is in God's hands.

Marcia said...

Hope it went well and you get the job!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Oh my goodness how exciting. A little prayer here that you are put to work and use in good order just as God would have you!

All opportunities are good opportunities to grow whether its an interview or a job. :) YAY!