Thursday, December 01, 2011

A day at a time...

It's a beautfully frosty, snow-covered morning in west central Ohio... I'm not a really huge fan of winter because I prefer warmer weather. But, there's no denying the beauty of this time of year.
I'm reminded that there are bigger things happening than just my worries and concerns.
Gosh, where to begin? I've stepped away from posting on this blog for awhile to catch my breath and get/keep some other plates spinning. I have a bad habit of "over-involving" myself and have spent some time re-assessing my priorities and sorting out my activities. That continues to be a work in progress, but I'm gaining perspective on where I need to focus my energies. This blog continues to be important to me from a spiritual perspective, and I miss my blogging friends.
So, for a day at a time, I will continue posting here.
Part of the challenge is that I have developed a blog for my real estate business and I am in the process of building a social media/PR/marketing consulting business. I've had to remove this blog from my original google account in order to keep this one separate and anonymous from all my other online efforts. So, if I show up on your blog commenting, look for the lighthouse and you'll know it's me.
Thanks to those of you who have commented and kept in touch during my little vacation lol. It's comforting to have friends out there, and there's just nothing quite like the connections we make in recovery.

God Bless... I'll be seeing you around!


dAAve said...

Good to hear from you, Scott.

Best o' luck with the new ventures. I wish you all the success possible.

Mike Golch said...

when in Ohio you gotta take the cold and snow shen it shows up. good luck with the new ventures.

Sober Julie said...

I over involve myself too often, or am inclined to and find myself falling flat on my face. It's been strange learning my limitations but I'm so glad I have.
I'm here gunning for you on your new venture!