Friday, December 02, 2011

Good morning from one of my favorite haunts, a coffee shop in the next town up the road from where I live and work.  I come here early on days where I have meetings up here so I can grab some peace, coffee and "think time."

The photo is kinda dark and blurry, like me this morning...  I've missed you folks, and I am happy to be back at it again.  I guess we have to step back and take an accounting from time to time in an effort to assess what's really meaningful.  (next time I need to keep blogging while I reassess lol)

We're full on into the Advent season, one of my favorite times of the year.  While the secular side of Christmas can be suprememly stressful financially, emotionally, logistically and every other -ly, it's no mistake that we're called to take time right now to prepare spiritually for what's about to happen at Christmas.  I'm following the Advent calendar on a Catholic website called  Today's message for me is a simple one:  "Bring a hopeful word to someone's rainy day."

Today I have hope in the simple message of recovery from alcoholism and addiction.  If I simply give my addiction and alcoholism (and truly everything else) to God today, and seek His will, I'll remain sober for today.  God's will for me is simple, to serve him by helping others.  By giving to others, we receive God's Grace.  I must have faith that this is how it works.  This worked for me in getting sober nearly 16 years ago, and it still works today in sobriety and in other areas of my life if I just have faith and apply it.

Be well, enjoy this day and help another without thought for yourself!

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Syd said...

Glad that you are back, Scott. I am concentrating on the reason for the season.