Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well, tomorrow is Friday, the day they said they'd have a public announcement about this new job I've been waiting for.  I've been fairly patient, avoiding worry and anxiety for the most part.  They originally said 2nd wk of Jan, then it was by tomorrow.  So, I suppose this will happen any time now?  (I know, they'll make a decision and a call in their time, in God's time.)  I'm one of three finalists, and feeling really good about it all.  I'm just really excited and ready to begin a new chapter.

I'm super beat tonite.  I was at the office by 6am, we had a breakfast meeting (about 100 folks) for the chamber this morning I had to host/emcee, setup.  That was done by 9, but I got pulled into a luncheon meeting, more schmoozing,  etc.  After that I got a call for a potential new chamber member, so I went and met twith him, signed him up.  Lots of face time today so I am beat lol.  Good tired.  Fulfilled tired.  But, tired nonetheless.

Kool thing about today is I got my iPhone finally.  I'd been saving for awhile, added in some Christmas $$ and caught a nice deal on an iPhone 4s.  It is a nifty lil gadget, but it's going to take some getting used to, having been a blackberry user for the past 5+ years.  I have enjoyed getting all my emails and social media stuff set up on it.  I can tell I will really love this phone, once I get used to the touch screen.

I've been to two meeting this week, and I plan on hitting another tomorrow, just to keep myself in persepctive and keep from worrying about this job.  I refuse to make myself crazy over something I have no control over.  Wish me luck lol


Marcia said...

Good luck! I love my iphone!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck! (You may have already gotten your news by now!).

Yes, the iPhone is awesome!

Syd said...

iPhones rock! Welcome to the Apple head crowd. You will not go back once you get one.

Thanks for your comments, Scott. They mean a lot to me. These have been difficult days.