Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm celebrating my 16th AA anniversary today, pretty nifty!  I'll be celebrating by showing a home and hopefully writing an offer on it.  Then my client and I will and write a counter offer on the home she's selling.  I coach 3rd-4th grade YMCA boys basketball, had a game this morning.  Those are so much fun to coach/watch.  We've got a great group of little dude who really hustle and have a blast.  Today's a busy day and I think my wife forgot about my anniversary.  She usually makes a little fuss with a card or something.  In all the hustle and bustle, I can see how that happens.  She's been a little out of sorts the past couple days and I'm just trying not to make it worse or get sucked into whatever that is.

I heard yesterday through the grapvine that I wont hear anything on the new job front until some time next week.  Evidently, they are still trying to put together a benefit package for whomever they hire.  It is what it is, I just wish they'd have the courtesy to give me a shout with a little information or heads up.  I suck at waiting...  I went through this about 3 months ago when I was in the running for another major career upgrade.  I read about that hiring process in the paper as it was a public position.  That sucked too.  I think folks have forgotten how to communicate and what courtesy, decorum and respect are all about.  Ah well, all in God's time.  At least I have a job now, even if it isn't enough income.

I'm sober today and that's all that matters.  After all my real estate work is done, I will go home and hang with the boy while he has a little buddy over.  Mama bear will be coaching a swim meet tonight.  She is the asst coach for our HS team this year and she's not enjoying it very much.  I wishshe couldd figure out how to see the bright side of things and just go with the flow without always being so negative.  But, that's her nature, her issue.

It's hard for mee to believe I've been coming to AA meetings and staying sober for 16 years now.  I'm so blessed!  Thank God for AA, family, friends and of course for you all!

God Bless!


Mike Golch said...

I am raising a cup of coffee to you my friend.congrats on hitting 16 years sober.

Elizabeth said...

Hey fellow real estate agent! Happy Sweet 16! And writing up two offers in one day is a cause for celebration in itself!

Anonymous said...

16 YEARS!!!!!! Amazing, very inspiring.

Furtheron said...

16 years - well done - what a testament to the programme.

Like Mike I have a cup of mocha in my hands and I raise it to your continued sobriety

ScottF said...

Thank you all very much for the well wishes!

Syd said...

Scott, I am so glad for you, my friend. Many congratulations on the 16 years. I am amazed at the idea of living a life of recovery for so many years one day at a time.

As for the job, all things will come in time. Hang in there.