Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Monday!

I'm back in the office after lunch and the noon meeting (which turned out to be three of us chatting for 40 mins) and I am enjoying a wonderful treat from my favorite coffee shop.  When I went in there this morning at 6:20, my all-time favorite barista greeted me with a cheery "Hey Scott, you've won our free drink of the week!!"  (each time I buy a coffee, they punch my card... ten punches, free coffee and into a drawing for the free drink of the week)  So, after lunch I went back in a ordered a "Snowflake" concoction.  Something with a double latte, white chocolate, vanilla and peppermint.  Yum!  I have the newest Zac Brown CD (thanks Santa) playing in my office and I am ready to grab the world by the butt!

Its been a fairly hustley-bustley morning for a holiday Monday.  Every other Monday, I have to call in for a live radio interview at 7:25 am, so I was in pretty early this morning.  I really need to haul my butt outta bed that early every day.  I get so much done before I have to flip the "open" sign at 9.

I am presently watching my ego closely.  I've always struggled to find balance between "I'm God" and "I suck."  With the relative public success of the chamber, and the good run that whole thing has been on over the past two + years, I can sometimes find myself thinking I am pretty damn special.  I am always grounded by attending AA meetings and being reminded that I am just another alcoholic/addict trying to stay sober and live one day at a time.  That's all any of us are.  I am one of those people who must be reminded to observe "Rule #62- Don't take yourself too damn seriously."  I think you can read about that in Tradition Four in the "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions" book.

I know from experience (both success and failure) that gratitude is the primary cure for egoism, depression, self-mutilation, self-centeredness, fear, anger and so many other conditions that assail my spirit.  So today, this afternoon I am praying for a moment on how blessed my life is today.  I'm taking a moment to thank God for you, for AA, for sobriety, my wife and son, for retreats, for His Son, for forgiveness and love.

Have a Happy Monday!!


Marcia said...

Finding balance between I'm God and I suck, that made me smile. :)

I try to write out a short gratitude list every day!

Anonymous said...

I like the bit about gratitude because I can always find something to be grateful for, no matter my mood. Seems such a simple thing to try.

ScottF said...

byebyebeer- what's most amazing about gratitude and its simplicity is the amount of good result we get when we remain grateful. Something sooooo simple provides so much in return! And, it's something we can and must share, which multiplies the goodness!