Thursday, January 05, 2012

Simply Sober

Today, right now, in the midst of all the "life stuff" I am taking a quiet moment with HP via this blog and a bit of prayerful reflection.  I MUST have calm and serenity or I lose myself in the buzz of the day.

Tomorrow is my favorite reading in the "24 Hours a Day" book from Hazelden.  I know it's not "AA Approved" literature, but wow this little book has been helpful in my recovery.  At any rate, my first sponsor gave it to me nearly 16 years ago and instructed me to read Jan 6th every day, along with the daily reading for whatever date it happened to be.

So, without going into much detail, I invite you all to find a copy and read Jan 6th.  Tomorrow we'll chat a bit about the reading and what it means for you and me.  I'd love to hear what you think about this over the next couple of days.

I'm going to go sip coffee and pray/reflect for a few minutes before continuing my day.  I am so grateful for a personal relationship with my HP (God/Jesus) today.  I have the program and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous to thank for this gift.


Marcia said...

oh yeah, I have to have calm and serenity too. and quiet. lots of quiet.

Mary Christine said...

Hey Scott, I gave you an award on my blog yesterday. Not a big deal, just wanted you to know.

Alex P. said...

Being sober has really changed me a lot in the past few years. Because of many alcohol training courses that aided me in changing to a better person.