Monday, February 06, 2012

as we understand Him...

Congrats to the Giants, very kool.  They are my 2nd fave NFL team.  Congrats to my son or being a very good sport as a 10 yr old HUGE Tom Brady fan.  Football is over, now we can move on to racing again!

I figure if I am too busy for a quick blog post, I am just too busy lol.  This weekend went by in a blur, starting with running our pep band at the high school game Friday and concluding with a Super Bowl party of sorts with friends of ours last night.  It was a nice weekend, but one where I was up early and on the go all day both days.  I did have a brief quiet period of a few hrs. on Sat night that was wonderful.  It's not often I get to enjoy an empty home.  So, when it happens, I really enjoy it.

Real estate season appears to be well under way around here with the very mild winter.  I spent Saturday afternoon showing homes to a couple who will hopefully become clients.  I need to have a successful year in real estate this year and "crank it up a notch" from last year.  So far so good!

Yesterday was Scout Sunday, where our local Cub Scout Pack and Boy Scout Troop members go to church together, in uniform.  There are four churches in our little town of 3,000 or so souls and each year we go to a different church.  We visited the UCC church yesterday, and it was interesting to see how they worship, as compared to how we do things in our Catholic church.  I love that we rotate churches so the boys get to learn about the different faiths in our community, and each boy gets to have his friends come to his church.  It's important for our boys to learn that folks have the freedom to worship the way they see fit.

This is one of the aspects of AA that is nearest to my heart.  We grow close to "God as we understand Him" in AA, focusing not on the differences between our Higher Powers, but only on the fact that we each have one we can abide by.  If I would've been forced into some particular way of worship when I arrived in AA, I would never have returned.  I came to AA, very suspscious (and generally opposed) of organized religion.  God was certainly picking on me, with all of the negative fallout I was experiencing.  But, my sponsor was patient taught me the important AA principles contained in Steps 1 and 2.  And I was allowed and encouraged to develop a relationship with my HP as I could understan, at my own pace.  John did share with me his understaning of HP and "loaned" his HP to me for usse until I could find my own.  And, AA and the men's meetings certainly served as an initial HP for me while I dried out and the fog lifted.

Today I enjoy an amazing faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit thanks to AA and the Steps.  I've never had a richer spiritual and prayer life than what I've found in the Catholic church and I am grateful beyond words.  I'm so enthusiastic and grateful that I continue to teach my newly found faith to the youth in our parish and I am grateful for that experience as well.

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Syd said...

I think that you are amazing. Your faith and spirituality will carry you through the rough spots in life.